Ceramic Pulley Friction Laggings

In 1950, we invented COMBI, the world’s first porous technical ceramic pulley friction lagging, which later triggered the development of our CERA brand porous and 100% dense industrial ceramics. Today, they provide ultimate performance, and are the most economic porous ceramic pulley friction alternative for all driven and non-driven belt conveyor pulleys of any size and capacity. They guarantee the ultimate feasibility of micro- cogging and positive locking in friction physics (µ = 1.0-1.5)  towards the rubber conveyor (textile or steel reinforced) belt  endowed with extreme wear resistance and wear protection to ensure absolutely slip- and failure– free and continuous conveying operations by preventing the dreaded conveyor belt aquaplaning. As per application we manufacture our patented technical ceramics in a precisely defined porous structure (CERALITE / CERAGUM / CERAGRIP / SILCARFLEX / COMBI / CERASHELL or in 100% densely sintered execution (CERADRIVE / CERASINT) with pressure resistance up to 3000 N/mm².