Our Hi-Grip high-performance brake pads are used worldwide as a safety emergency brake pad system under the most challenging conditions. Their dual - use nature makes them ideal for both dynamic and static braking situations.

Their special safety features are:

  • a very high coefficient of friction ranging from µ > 0.7 up to 100% of positive locking  µ > = 1.0 in clamping, gripping and / or  locking  applications,
  • complete resistance to solvents, greases, oils, moisture, humidity, water, dirt, dust, snow and ice,
  • temperature resistance > = 1100 ° C,
  • not flammable due to their inorganic composition.

The primary usage areas of high performance and safety brake linings are:

  • heavy - duty braking systems,
  • disc brakes and drum brakes of lifting equipment,
  • lifts and elevators,
  • clamps and hoists,
  • safety roping devices.

Customers and Applications
The Hi-grip safety pads are used primarily in safety related braking and clamping devices with fail-safe backup features intended to rescue / safeguard / protect people and valuable materials, components or structures.
Other possible usage situations are within facilities requiring the safe transporting, positioning, and moving materials in situations where organic brake pads would fail due to:

  • excessive sliding speeds,
  • excessive braking pressure,
  • excessive lining wear,
  • mechanical damage in emergency situations,
  • total performance failure in contact with ice, snow, dirt, dust, water, humidity, solvents, greases, or oils.

Industries in which our Hi-Grip high-performance brake pads are used:

  • chemical industries,
  • steel and forging industry,
  • emergency services (fire and mountain rescue, etc.)
  • technical moving equipment industry,
  • passenger transportation (elevators, escalators, lifts, hoists, moving stairs)
  • forestry,
  • factories utilizing grabs and clamps.

Our Task
Development of a customized safety brake lining for a steel manufacturing company in Germany with a sales volume of € 900 + million and 3000+ employees

  • static brake situation of a clamp and grab device ensuring 100% positive locking for holding, turning, manipulating and positioning of  sheet metal coils,
  • holding weight up to 20 tons,
  • zero wear of the brake linings,
  • emergency performance properties in terms of coefficient of friction, wear, mechanical strength, heat resistance and corrosion and chemical resistance compared to conventional brake pads,
  • mandatory consideration of customized dimension specifications,
  • short-term availability and sufficient production capacity.

Conditions in Example Applications

  • Lifts and elevators for people and materials are likely to crash with fatal outcomes, if built-in  dynamic brake systems using conventional brake pads fail.
  • Red-hot metal blocks > 1000 ° C in the steel industry are firmly held and cannot slip out of clamping devices in order to be transported safely.
  • Boom movement of equipment, treatment and manipulation tables needs to be locked or positioned safely in place in order to prevent slippage.
  • Forklift trucks whose transportation clamping plates are equipped with our MHM Hi-Grip pads grab, hold and transport sensitive and heavy and bulky cargo safely.
  • cable equipment in mine shafts require clamping devices equipped with fail - safe emergency brake linings.

Our Solution / Technical Features
Successful development of an extremely fading-stable, application specific sintered metal ceramic formulation for bolt - on or rivet - on MICKE metal - ceramic brake pads MHM HI - GRIP within the product portfolio of our MPM MICKE Powder Metallurgy family. These pads feature zero-wear, the highest possible mechanical strength, and customized hi-grip surfaces with different degrees of roughness in order to achieve and control the highest possible friction values µ >= 1,0 for 100% inter surface locking.

The intermetallic high temperature (> 1000° C) diffusion bonding process of the MHM Hi – Grip sinter mix onto the brake pad’s metal backplate prevents the friction lining and the metal backplate from detaching, thus ensuring and guaranteeing the fail - safe operation of the safety friction lining.

intermetallic high temperature diffusion bonding process 

Results in Practice
We have generated a high level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty via the 100% fulfillment of all job related parameters. Our existing and increased production capacities enabled the rapid shift of our entire production towards our inorganic sinter friction linings in no time. Due to their inorganic, metal ceramic formulation, our MHM HI - GRIP friction linings are indispensable in special and extreme situations (such as temperatures > 1000 ° C) and have proven to be absolutely  essential for the safety in customers’ production sites. Many other application areas in recent customers’ production sites have been opened up due to the versatility of our MHM Hi – Grip friction linings.

General Results
In developping special metal ceramic fail - safe brake pads for emergency braking systems, we managed to invent a completely fading - stable, mechanically extremely tough and chemically inert friction material for high load risk - applications totally unaffected by extremely adverse environmental and operating conditions.