Ceramic Pulley Lagging

STOP THE SLIP - GET THE GRIP with MICKE ultra wear resistant CERADRIVE and CERASINT NORUB directly bonded pulley lagging technology ceramics.

One of our customers, Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC), is a 51% state-owned company which employs 22,000 people and operates three large lignite mining sites with hundreds of kilometers of belt conveyors for the transport of lignite and the overburden. PPC also operates a total of 94 thermal and hydroelectric power plants and three wind parks distributed throughout Greece. The largest lignite mines are situated between Kozani and Ptolemaida, in Amyntaio within Florina province and around Megalopolis. These operations represent the primary energy source for Greece. In 2010, PPC's turnout reached approximately 5.8 billion euros.

1. Material alternative against the existing hot or cold vulcanized rubber friction laggings for the conveyor pulleys.

2. Achievement of continuous, physically highest-possible adhesion/friction coefficients µ >= 1.0 between drive pulley and belt in order to eliminate belt slip.

3. At least 100% increase of bonding strength between friction laggings and pulleys.

4. Considerable increase of lifetime of friction laggings by a factor of 3 – 5.

5. Considerable reduction of belt wear on the belt underside, by >= 80% of existing value.

6. Considerable reduction of mechanical wear of pulley mantle metal on all drive and non-drive pulleys, down to <= 10% of existing value.

7. Considerable reduction of belt tensions, down to 75 – 50% of existing value.

8. Cost-saving and fast-on-site repair of damaged laggings, or complete change of laggings in an installation.

9. Maximum reduction of repair and maintenance cost for all belt conveyor pulley issues.